Vote to save Sarah from the first Big Brother eviction
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Vote to save Sarah from the first Big Brother eviction

Voting is open to save housemates from the first eviction. Sarah has unfortunately been nominated, and we need to vote to save her, and keep her in the house. It would show her how much the public are warming to her.

The voting lines are open now, until tonight’s (08/08/17) eviction show, sometime after 9pm.

Call 6 50 58 13 from a mobile
Call 090 20 44 58 13 from a landline

Please ask the Bill Payer’s permission before voting. Calls to the long number will cost 50p plus your network access charge. Calls to the short number will cost 50p.

Voting lines are only open as advertised in the programme and when a Housemate is facing a public vote. Do not try to vote at other times.

If you are an international fan and want to vote, @SarahAddicts on Twitter is taking your votes so get in touch with her to arrange this.

Vote to save Sarah and I’m sure this will be her reaction!!


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Cole has cut his bottom teeth – Kimberley’s Blog

Cole is almost eight months now and has changed so much over the past few weeks! He’s started clapping and even recognises the word and responds by showing off his new party trick which I think is amazing. Babies’ brains are developing so quickly at this age and you can tell they really understand a lot of what you’re saying now which I love. There have been lots of developments with Cole over the last fortnight, he’s just cut both his front bottom teeth too bless him. I could definitely tell he was little bit troubled by them as he was sleeping really well and then suddenly starting waking again and wanting lots of cuddles. It must be painful for them. My sister Sally recommended Anbesol liquid which is brilliant! You can get it from the chemist and it’s the only thing I’ve found that actually numbs the gum to take the pain away. He’s started sleeping again now that they’re both through… until the next one cuts that is!

He’s also very close to crawling and getting frustrated that he hasn’t quite got the hang of it. He crawls backwards and pivots round in a circle but can’t quite work out the coordination to go forward. He’s done a couple of tentative moves forward but then just rocks back and forth on all fours getting very annoyed! I have to say with Bobby I was desperate for him to start crawling but I know how hard it is once they’re on the move as it’s my second so I don’t mind if Cole wants to take his time! It’s a whole different ball game once they’re crawling and you cannot take your eyes off them for a second! He’s still the smiliest baby ever.

As it’s the school holidays we’ve had our nephew Tristan, Justin’s sister’s son saying with us for the week. Tristan is ten and absolutely amazing with Bobby and Cole and they adore him. He’s such a lovely boy and a dream to look after so we’ve had a really fun week! We went to Chessington World of Adventure the other day which was fab! Bobby was so excited to go on the Gruffalo river ride and he loved it! He pretty much knows the Gruffalo story off by heart so he’s the perfect age for it. There were loads of other rides for his age too which was brilliant! I love rollercoasters so Justin and I took it in turns to go on the big rides with Tristan, I forgot how much fun they are! I wasn’t sure if I’d have lost my bottle but once I’d been on one I got a taste for it!

I can’t believe Sarah is in the Big Brother house! I’ve managed to watch a couple of episodes and it’s actually really bizarre seeing someone you know so well in there. I think she’s really brave to put herself out there like that as it’s a lot of pressure and such an intense environment to be in. Sarah can sometimes be easily overwhelmed so I really hope she’s ok in there and enjoys the experience. She’s been great on the bits I’ve seen so far. I also know Helen Lederer as we were in Horrid Henry the movie together and I’ve worked with her again since and she’s hilarious, a really lovely woman and has been in the business a long time so I’m sure she’ll look out for Sarah.


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[VIDEO] Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily sing ‘The Promise’

Sarah and Amelia joined forces for a talent show task on Celebrity Big Brother last night. Watch them smash it on the above video.

Pictures from Day 2 are in the gallery:

Television > Celebrity Big Brother (2017) > CBB Screen Captures > Day 2

Kimberley takes son Bobby to Chessington World Of Adventures
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Kimberley takes son Bobby to Chessington World Of Adventures

Yesterday, a new ride opened up at Chessington and Kimberley took her son Bobby for an exciting day out.

The ride is called ‘Gruffalo River Ride Adventure’.

We have added new pictures of them both at the theme park, tap the thumbnails below to see them:

Appearances > 2017 > [2017] Kimberley Walsh > August 3rd – Chessington World Of Adventures

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Cheryl goes back to work for L’Oreal Paris

On Tuesday, Cheryl got back to work, with a photoshoot for L’Oreal Paris and couldn’t wait to tell us about it on her Instagram:

Back at it 😉📷💄@lorealmakeup #worthit

A post shared by Cheryl (@cherylofficial) on

Early rumours suggest she is bringing out her own makeup capsule collection with the brand in October this year.

Her PR has confirmed she has recorded an interview with ITV Beauty Desk, which will air in a few weeks.

Rylan also confirmed this by saying “Cheryl has gone back to work on her L’Oreal advert and This Morning were there… ‘Cheryl rang us up and said come along – I’ll give you my only TV interview. We are going to show it over the next few weeks, we aren’t going to tell you when. We haven’t got a TX date yet. We are not going to tell you what she said, but Liam was there with his ‘wife’ as he has been calling her.”

Good to see you again Cheryl!