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My Belfast adventure with Cole

Sorry for the delay with this week’s blog. I came down with an awful virus that totally wiped me out over the last few days. It started when I got back on Friday from a week working away and I’m only just starting to feel human again! Thankfully Justin was around but it’s so awful being ill when you have kids and they want to see you. I’d been so looking forward to spending time with Bobby as I’d been away and couldn’t believe I was sick. I also missed my brother, Adam’s girlfriend’s 30th birthday party which was rubbish as I had been looking forward to it. I don’t get ill that often but when I do I certainly appreciate my health!

So last week I was away in Belfast filming a new acting project that I’m involved in. All will be revealed soon, I promise! I’ve really loved acting again after such a long break and it’s been fun getting back to work for a few days as it my first proper job since Cole was born. I have to say learning lines and having a baby brain is not a great combination though, I usually find it so easy but I had to really focus this time. I took Cole with me and my mum came along to look after him. He loved the time with his Nanny and she did too. She’s so amazing with babies and they had lots of little adventures in Belfast, shopping and sight seeing while I was working. He was an absolute star when we were travelling again too, he really is such a happy boy, he doesn’t stop smiling. It was lovely to get home and see Bob’s and Justin as I was away for four days and that’s the longest time I ever spent away from Bobby. He was absolutely fine and loved being with his Dad doing boys’ stuff. I found face timing lots really helped when I was away as you feel like you’re not missing out and you get to see how well he’s doing. I don’t know what parents did before face time.

Bobby is really growing up fast. He’s such a character too and doesn’t miss a thing. He’s just starting to notice that I’m on TV sometimes and the other day I came on CBeebies telling a bedtime story and I could see he was a little confused. Later than day he sat on a chair and starting doing an impression of me saying “Hi my name’s Kimberley this is a story about….” it cracked me up. He’s only two and he’s already taking the mick out of his mum! He’s also a typical boy and loves nothing more than finding sticks and anything he can use as a pretend weapon at the moment. This means regular visits to the woods in search of his new favourite stick and means I’m constantly finding random sticks around my house!

I finally watched the final episode of The Line Of Duty, I’ve not had a chance to watch it as it went out on TV but I made the time for it as Thandie Newton was so incredible in it. She was the star of the show for me. Watching the series has got me back into my box sets.

There’s nothing I love more than being really into something so I have something to watch every night. I loved Shooter with Ryan Phillippe and now I’m into Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland. It’s actually nice to have an evening again with Justin as I feel like it’s only the past few weeks that Cole has started going down really well at seven pm and I haven’t had to run up and down the stairs all night. I don’t mind though cos in my head they’re all phases but it’s good to be through that stage now and have a bit of time to chill in the evening.