Cheryl and Nicola show their support at #Game4Grenfell
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Cheryl and Nicola show their support at #Game4Grenfell

Cheryl and Nicola attended the Game4Grenfell charity match today.

Cheryl showed off her post-baby flat stomach in a cropped white top whilst Nicola rocked a long blue dress.

The girls showed their support in raising money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower.

We have plenty of pictures in the gallery for you to look at, click the links below:

September 2nd – Cheryl at a charity football match in London
September 2nd – Nicola at a charity football match in London
September 2nd – Cheryl and Nicola at a charity football match in London
September 2nd – Cheryl and Nicola leaving Loftus Road stadium

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Cheryl shares her holiday pics on Instagram stories


It’s quite rare for Cheryl to use Instagram stories, but today she did, and she surprised us with selfies from her holiday with Liam. Instagram Stories only last for 24 hrs so if you miss them i have uploaded them here, click each one for a full picture.

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Cheryl goes back to work for L’Oreal Paris

On Tuesday, Cheryl got back to work, with a photoshoot for L’Oreal Paris and couldn’t wait to tell us about it on her Instagram:

Early rumours suggest she is bringing out her own makeup capsule collection with the brand in October this year.

Her PR has confirmed she has recorded an interview with ITV Beauty Desk, which will air in a few weeks.

Rylan also confirmed this by saying “Cheryl has gone back to work on her L’Oreal advert and This Morning were there… ‘Cheryl rang us up and said come along – I’ll give you my only TV interview. We are going to show it over the next few weeks, we aren’t going to tell you when. We haven’t got a TX date yet. We are not going to tell you what she said, but Liam was there with his ‘wife’ as he has been calling her.”

Good to see you again Cheryl!

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Social Sunday – Week Ending 09/07/17

In my attempt to be more active, i am starting a new feature here on Gallery Aloud called Social Sunday. Which basically means highlights from each of the girls social media posts!


Friday was date night for Cheryl, posting a snapchat-filtered selfie on Instagram with Liam

She then shared a gorgeous selfie with her new hair colour


Nic tried to make a pretty London Pride tweet but failed due to limits. The thought was there!


Kim had a busy week, but was disappointed on her train home.


The always flawless Nadine gave us all a heads-up if we see her anytime soon…!

Unfortunately, Sarah has been really quiet these past weeks on social media. We do hope shes ok!

If you like this feature, or have any ideas for a future post let us know over on Twitter @GalleryAloud

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Congratulations Cheryl and Liam!

On Saturday evening, Cheryl announced on her Instagram that she had given birth to a baby boy:

On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream. Although he still doesn’t have a name he is already stealing hearts. We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world. A day that now has a different meaning to me forever ?

I love how the press didn’t know and she announced it in her own time, 3 days after the birth. We hope mother and baby are doing well.

Cheryl adds new lines to her Eylure collection
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Cheryl adds new lines to her Eylure collection

Cheryl is well known for her incredible looks and beautiful long lashes, and the L’Oreal Paris ambassador has now launched a brand new collection of false eyelashes via beauty brand Eylure. So fans can now enjoy luscious long lashes just like their idol.

She confirmed the exciting news with an Instagram post.

The gorgeous new range features a selection of lashes including ‘Belle of the Ball’, ‘Sexy Senorita’, ‘Oh My Goodness’, ‘First Date’ and ‘Girls Night’.

Cheryl’s latest Eylure false eyelashes range is available nationwide from today!

You can see the photoshoot for the lashes in the gallery below: