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Training for the Strictly special – Kimberley’s Last Blog!

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I’m really excited to be taking part in the Strictly Christmas Special this year. I absolutely LOVE Christmas and I love Strictly so it’s a perfect match. I’m so lucky to have been paired with Pasha again who was my partner when I took part in the main show 5 years ago. We’ve started training this week and it’s definitely been a shock to the system as I haven’t danced for so long. It’s like a Strictly bootcamp to get ready for the Christmas show but we’re working really hard so hopefully we’ll get there! Doing the Christmas show is just pure fun without the pressure of the real competition so I’m gonna just enjoy it. It’s gonna be fun for Bobby to watch on Christmas Day cos he’s never really seen me perform. I’ve shown him a few videos and he watches Strictly with me on a Saturday now so he’s gonna love it.

It’s gonna be strange getting back into a Strictly costume after so many years. I certainly won’t be rocking the shorts and crop tops that I wore five years ago after having two children that’s for sure! I’m really excited to get all dressed up though and get some sequins on for Christmas. I think Vicky Gill who does all the Strictly costume designs is amazing. We actuary worked with Vicky on the Girls Aloud tours, she did all the sparkly numbers for us so she knows my body shape and what I’m comfortable with so I’ve no doubt so she’ll come up with something fabulous!

Cole is almost a year old now and this week is my final blog. It’s been lovely documenting his first year and sharing my life with you all. The year has gone so incredibly fast and Cole is growing up so quickly. He’s close to walking now and getting braver every day so before long he’ll be running around with Bobby. I can already see his character coming out and what a cheeky little personality he has, I’m definitely gonna have my hands full for a few years but I absolutely love being a mum and all that comes with it.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


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[VIDEO] Kimberley on Matalan The Show Ep 23

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Christmas party season is here! This week Denise is joined by singer Kimberley Walsh, TV presenter George Lamb and stylist to the star Caroline Watson tell us how they’ll be celebrating in style this festive season and a load more!

Shop Kimberley’s Look: [HERE]

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Kimberley to star on Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special!
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Kimberley to star on Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special!

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Announced this evening on ‘Strictly It Takes Two’, Kimberley will put her dancing shoes back on for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be getting my dancing shoes on again for the Strictly Christmas special.
I loved my time on Strictly so much so it’s going to be wonderful to be back in the Strictly bubble for Christmas.”

Even better news is that she will be partnered up with Pasha Kovalev again!

The one-off episode will see the famous faces competing to win the Christmas Silver Star trophy.

The Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special will air on BBC One on Christmas Day.

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Halloween, nights away from the boys and Pride of Britain

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I went up to Skipton in North Yorkshire for my friend’s wedding last week and left the boys with family. I considered taking the boys but it’s such a long way for them to travel for one day. It’s the first time I’ve ever left Cole at all and he’s nearly 11 months so it felt very strange. To be honest I was really anxious about it for the whole week leading up to it and was losing sleep over the idea of it. I just find it really hard to let go. I’m always the one who puts Cole to bed and he’s still so young I just can’t bear the thought that he would want me and I’m not there. We had to stay away two nights cos the wedding was early so we couldn’t risk travelling all that way on the day. It was my friend Simone’s wedding and we’ve know each other since school so I really wanted to be there and celebrate with her.

My mum and my little sister Amy had them the first night and then Justin’s family came down to have them the second night as we were going out to celebrate his mum’s 60th the same weekend. I knew the boys would be fine and probably love the excitement of having everyone staying especially Bobby but it didn’t stop me missing them terribly and thinking about them every second. Don’t get me wrong, a bit of a break is probably a good thing and it was really nice to spend some time with Justin on our own but we did spend a fair bit of the time looking at pictures of the boys and talking about them. It’s so funny how sometimes all you want is a break from them but after a few hours away you want them back. It was a beautiful wedding and lovely to catch up with some of my old school friends and reminisce. We all have families now and it’s lovely seeing how we’ve all grown. The boys were obviously fine while we were gone even if I wasn’t!

It’s Pride Of Britain again on Tuesday, I can’t believe how fast it’s come around. I was heavily pregnant with Cole when I attended last year and it honestly feels like yesterday. I’ve been enjoying looking for a dress to wear this year without having to worry about the bump and fitting in to my shoes! I’ve got a couple of dresses to choose from and I haven’t decided yet but they’re black. One is very simple and chic and the other has much more detail but I love them both, just depends what mood I’m in! Justin’s coming with me again this year, he really enjoyed it last year. It’s such an inspiring awards ceremony and so lovely seeing people out of the public eye being recognised for doing amazing things. They really get the chance to get the recognition they deserve and I love being a part of it.

It’s almost Halloween and Bobby’s pretty much been waiting all year for it. He got really into it last year and has been loving watching all the kids Halloween cartoons on YouTube for the whole past year and asking me constantly when he can get his costume. My friend Jenny threw an early Halloween party last weekend and in true three-year-old form this was the time Bobby decided he no longer liked Halloween and no longer wanted to wear the skeleton costume he had asked me to buy. Kids are so fickle at this age, it’s so funny. I finally managed to persuade him to wear his not so scary spider costume from last year and once we got to the party he was absolutely fine and had a ball playing pass the pumpkin and bobbing apples. We’re gonna do some pumpkin carving today, ready for tomorrow and then I’ll go over to my sisters on Halloween so he can go trick or treating with his cousins Billy and Alfie. Hopefully I’ll get both of the boys in their skeleton costumes then!


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I have to set the record straight – Kimberley’s Blog

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I can’t believe I’m sitting here at home on Sunday evening writing the blog again, I don’t know where the weeks are going at the moment. It’s been another busy couple of weeks but I wanted to start off setting the record straight on a story which I very rarely do but it annoyed me last week.

When I was on the red carpet at the Everyday Heroes awards a few weeks ago I was chatting away to the press about bodies post-baby. I was saying how I still needed to lose a bit of weight to get back to my normal size and then as a joke, I said my best friend Alix was able to fit back into her jeans a week later and it ‘makes me sick’. I was laughing as I said it as did the journalist. It was very clear I was joking. I then saw a magazine run the story saying ‘friends snapping back into shape makes me sick.’ That was not what I said at all.

I’m so happy with how I am right now and the progress I’ve made and I would never be envious of any other woman’s body, that’s not how I am. We’re all different sizes and shapes and there shouldn’t be any pressure on mums about the weight they haven’t lost or have lost. Every woman’s body adjusts differently. I don’t normally get wound up by stories but this got to me as it made out I was critical of my best friend, Alix, when I was clearly joking and just pointing out how different we all are as women.

My Dad came down from Bradford to visit at the weekend so me and my siblings all got together with the kids and I made a big roast dinner. It made me realise how lucky me and my sister Sally are having five gorgeous boys that are so close in age. They have the best time playing together and it’s so special. Don’t get me wrong it’s loud and there’s never a dull moment but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We spent about half an hour trying to get one decent picture of them all together which was extremely challenging and very funny.

I recorded an episode of Denise Van Outen’s The Show for Matalan last week which was fun. George Lamb was also on the panel who is such a lovely and very funny man. He was promoting his documentary where he and his Dad Larry cycle around England. He visited some parts of Yorkshire I’d grown up visiting so we were reminiscing, I’m going to have to watch it as it’s just started on TV. It was lovely to catch up with Denise too as we find it more and more difficult to get together these days as we’re both juggling looking after kids and work.

I’ve just started reading Katie Kirby’s new book The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams. Her first book Hurrah for Gin was totally brilliant and I’m loving this so far. It’s basically the perspective of life from a 2 year old and it’s hilarious. Bobby has only just turned three so I can definitely connect with this book right now. Toddlers are totally irrational and extremely challenging but reading her book actually helps you see their perspective on things and find the humour in it all. Parenting is tough and we need people like Katie who give an honest and funny account of what we all go through to keep us sane!

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Kimberley talks motherhood and music on Lorraine

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Kimberley Walsh joined us in the studio this morning to talk playdates with Cheryl and Bear, a possible Girls Aloud reunion, and not getting enough sleep!

Kimberley also spoke about her love of a good old clear out and working with TK Maxx for Cancer Research UK kids and teens for their Give Up Clothes For Good’ campaign.

See pictures of Kimberley inside and outside the studio below!

September 26th – Lorraine TV Show

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