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Cole LOVES crawling and standing up – Kimberley’s Blog

I’m really happy to be fronting a new campaign called “Give Up Clothes for Good” to support Cancer Research UK for kids and teens along with TKMaxx. It’s a brilliant campaign and so easy to get involved. You basically just drop off your unwanted clothes, homeware and accessories to your nearest TKMaxx store and the money raised goes towards Cancer Research. It’s such an incredible charity that desperately needs funding. What these children have to go through is just heartbreaking and since becoming a mum myself I feel so strongly about supporting a campaign like this. It’s always great to have a clear out at this time of year so why not drop it off at your local TKMaxx!

Cole is doing great and growing up far too quickly! He’s pulling himself up to stand on anything he can find and he even stood on his own for a few seconds this week but then he loses his balance and falls on his bottom. He LOVES being free to crawl around and play, he’s in to EVERYTHING. He’s got his top two front teeth coming through too but he seems to be coping pretty well and it’s not affecting his sleep too much which I’m happy about cos running round after him all day is pretty exhausting! He’s laughing a lot too and finds Bobby particularly amusing which is lovely to watch. It gives me a snap shot into the future and how much fun they’re gonna have together… when they’re not fighting over toys of course!

I’m loving having Bake Off back on TV. It always takes a minute to adapt to new presenters and judges but to be honest I watch it for the baking and I love it! The challenges are harder than ever and the standard is high which makes it great TV. I actually took part in the celebrity Bake Off for Sport Relief a few years ago so I have a real insight as to how it all works and it’s weird watching it now after having been in the tent and going through it myself. Obviously they are working at a completely different level but it’s crazy how the time flies by so quickly in the Bake Off tent and things always go wrong when you’re under pressure. It’s a tough show to do but so much fun to watch.


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[VIDEO] Give Up Clothes For Good with Kimberley Walsh

Give up your clothes for good in any TK Maxx store just like Kimberley Walsh has with the help of the incredible young cancer survivors Josh & Alyssa, then nominate a friend to do the same! Donate and Nominate. #GUCFG

Kimberley Walsh cleans out her closet for charity
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Kimberley Walsh cleans out her closet for charity

There is a ruthless streak to former Girls Aloud sweetheart Kimberley Walsh but indulging it is music to her ears.

“I love to declutter. I don’t think you need so much stuff in your life. It just weighs you down,” says the singer and stage star, who will be enlisting the help of family and friends – including former bandmates Cheryl and Nicola Roberts – to Give Up Clothes For Good.

“You can make a difference by doing something so simple,” she says of backing the initiative by high-street store TK Maxx that asks people to donate a bag of clothes in its stores to raise money for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens.

If clothes no longer fit they don’t last long in Kimberley’s wardrobe, but some will never go for recycling. “My wedding dress, for sure,” says Kimberley, who married Justin Scott in the Bahamas in 2016. They have two sons together, Bobby, three, and nine-month-old Cole, who she introduced to the world in an exclusive HELLO! photoshoot. “There are things of the boys too that I can’t let go, the first clothes that they wore, like little hats and babygrows, I keep those for the memories.”

She also has her costumes from her Girls Aloud days including the huge feathers that they wore on their farewell tour. “They are wrapped up and packed away in our garage as they are too big to fit in the loft,” she laughs.

“I am definitely not back to my usual size at all yet, but I haven’t really felt ready to do much exercise,” says the busy mum. “I’m too tired, but I do need to do the gym. I just haven’t got to that stage yet.

“I have started doing little seven-minute workout apps to try and get my head around the idea of starting to exercise again.”

Kimberley’s boys keep her on her toes. “Cole is crawling now. He is on the move and trying to stand up. He is in to absolutely everything. Bobby loves it too, he gets excited by all the milestones. He says to him, ‘Come on, come to me!’

“When you have one baby you think it is hard, then when you have two you look back and think, ‘Oh that was so easy.'” There are always two special ‘aunties’ on hand to help in the shape of Cheryl and Nicola. “They both adore the boys and I still see them as much as I can.”

Could there be a baby number three on the cards for 2018, just like the Duchess of Cambridge? “Keep counting,” laughs Kimberley. “I think more like 2019 or 20.”

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Bobby is three today! – Kimberley’s Blog

Bobby is three today! I honestly cannot believe how the years have flown. We had a fab party for him at the weekend and we were so lucky with gorgeous sunshine all day! In the last blog I told you how I was planning a Three Little Pigs themed party because Bobby is literally obsessed with the story and watches it every day. He also spends hours acting out the story and playing the Big Bad Wolf so we really went to town on it. I made a Three Little Pigs themed cake and Justin made houses for the kids to play in.

I was expecting a few bales of hay and a pile of sticks but Justin doesn’t do anything by half so he made proper houses, they were brilliant! We had 3 pig balloons, I made piggy biscuits, piggy buns and Justin even made an appearance as the Big Bad Wolf. I have to be honest I had a lot of fun planning it cos it was such a fun theme but it was so lovely to see the kids enjoying it so much. Bobby absolutely loved having all his friends there and totally loved being the birthday boy, he’s such a sociable little thing. I honestly can’t believe what a little character he is, he cracks me up daily and I’m very proud of the little person he’s become. My baby has gone but I’m looking forward to watching him continue to grow and entertain us all.

Cole is 8 months now and I’ve finally got my head around working out again. Bobby certainly gave me an incentive to get back to it when he told me to put my squashy belly away one day! It made me laugh cos kids are so honest but at the same time I think it gave me the kick up the bum I needed. I think I’ve just been far too tired up to now but Cole’s been sleeping well so I’ve actually enjoyed working out again. There’s no denying there are days where I just know it’s not gonna happen but I’m definitely trying to make the effort to do more even if it’s only the 7 minute work out app while the boys are watching. They actually find it quite entertaining watching me jumping up and down like a mad woman and Bobby even acts like a personal trainer, it’s hilarious.

The Strictly contestants have been announced and I think it’s gonna be a good one! I get so excited when Strictly is back on TV and it brings back so many wonderful memories. It’s such a brilliant show and it will be interesting to see the new dynamic without Len. I just love the whole atmosphere of the show and the feel good factor. I know a few people on the show this year too which always makes it even more fun to watch! I’m rooting for Mollie King as she’s such a lovely girl and us girlband members stick together!


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Kimberley’s instagram stories 28/08/17

It’s Kimberley’s turn to start using instagram stories, a feature a bit like snapchat that lasts for 24hrs on the top of the instagram app.

She uploaded a morning of baking with Bobby and Cole.

She uploaded the 2 pictures on the left and right of this text, plus 3 videos of Bobby making a cake. Click the links below to watch them:

2017-08-28 10.06.05 1591244669605350796_293750284

2017-08-28 10.07.38 1591245469576383011_293750284

2017-08-28 10.14.03 1591248704894709256_293750284

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Cole has started crawling! – Kimberley’s Blog

So literally the day after I wrote my last blog Cole started crawling and it really is a game changer! He’s totally loving his new found freedom and isn’t content with just crawling, now he wants to try and pull himself up too. He’s definitely a very determined little thing and when I tell him to stop doing something he gives me a cheeky face and just carries on doing it. Thankfully I invested in a huge playpen when Bobby was at that stage which is a life saver. It’s completely takes over my living room but it’s worth it to know he’s safe. There’s just too many dangers when they start crawling so at least he can have some freedom in there.

Bobby is gonna be 3 in two weeks and I can’t actually believe how time flies! He’s decided he wants a Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf themed party so I’ve turned party planner to organise that. It’s not the easiest theme to be honest as there’s nothing in the shops already so I’m having to get quite creative! I’m looking forward to making his birthday cake though cos I really love baking, I do lots of it with the boys. I have got some ideas for decorating it too and I’ve looked on Pinterest for some help to make the Three Little Pigs houses so hopefully it will turn out ok. I’ll have to draw on my Celebrity Bake Off experience for this one! I’ve set Justin the task of making some large Little Pig houses for Bobby and his friends to play in so let’s hope he delivers! Bobby has also requested for the Big Bad Wolf to come to his party so I’m probably gonna have to bribe my brother to make an appearance in a Wolf costume which will be highly amusing! Lots of planning to keep me busy.

I’ve had lots of great meetings about my children’s clothing range Kimba Kids over the last few weeks. I’ve had some offers from some big retailers that want to take the range which is great! I’m really hoping that our factories can make all the deadlines for autumn/winter this year so I can finally get it out there but we keep running into a few little teething problems as we are a new company. The most important thing is that everything is perfect and that we are ready. If that means we have to delay the launch a few months then that’s what we have to. The whole process has been so different to anything I’ve ever done before and has been a huge learning curve. I really do feel like I’ve put my heart and soul into the range. I’ve only ever endorsed brands before which is very different to creating and launching your own product from an idea I had one day. I’ve really loved being part of every aspect of it though and I really can’t wait for it to be out there for people to buy!