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Kimberley’s instagram stories 28/08/17

It’s Kimberley’s turn to start using instagram stories, a feature a bit like snapchat that lasts for 24hrs on the top of the instagram app.

She uploaded a morning of baking with Bobby and Cole.

She uploaded the 2 pictures on the left and right of this text, plus 3 videos of Bobby making a cake. Click the links below to watch them:

2017-08-28 10.06.05 1591244669605350796_293750284

2017-08-28 10.07.38 1591245469576383011_293750284

2017-08-28 10.14.03 1591248704894709256_293750284

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Cole has started crawling! – Kimberley’s Blog

So literally the day after I wrote my last blog Cole started crawling and it really is a game changer! He’s totally loving his new found freedom and isn’t content with just crawling, now he wants to try and pull himself up too. He’s definitely a very determined little thing and when I tell him to stop doing something he gives me a cheeky face and just carries on doing it. Thankfully I invested in a huge playpen when Bobby was at that stage which is a life saver. It’s completely takes over my living room but it’s worth it to know he’s safe. There’s just too many dangers when they start crawling so at least he can have some freedom in there.

Bobby is gonna be 3 in two weeks and I can’t actually believe how time flies! He’s decided he wants a Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf themed party so I’ve turned party planner to organise that. It’s not the easiest theme to be honest as there’s nothing in the shops already so I’m having to get quite creative! I’m looking forward to making his birthday cake though cos I really love baking, I do lots of it with the boys. I have got some ideas for decorating it too and I’ve looked on Pinterest for some help to make the Three Little Pigs houses so hopefully it will turn out ok. I’ll have to draw on my Celebrity Bake Off experience for this one! I’ve set Justin the task of making some large Little Pig houses for Bobby and his friends to play in so let’s hope he delivers! Bobby has also requested for the Big Bad Wolf to come to his party so I’m probably gonna have to bribe my brother to make an appearance in a Wolf costume which will be highly amusing! Lots of planning to keep me busy.

I’ve had lots of great meetings about my children’s clothing range Kimba Kids over the last few weeks. I’ve had some offers from some big retailers that want to take the range which is great! I’m really hoping that our factories can make all the deadlines for autumn/winter this year so I can finally get it out there but we keep running into a few little teething problems as we are a new company. The most important thing is that everything is perfect and that we are ready. If that means we have to delay the launch a few months then that’s what we have to. The whole process has been so different to anything I’ve ever done before and has been a huge learning curve. I really do feel like I’ve put my heart and soul into the range. I’ve only ever endorsed brands before which is very different to creating and launching your own product from an idea I had one day. I’ve really loved being part of every aspect of it though and I really can’t wait for it to be out there for people to buy!


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Cole has cut his bottom teeth – Kimberley’s Blog

Cole is almost eight months now and has changed so much over the past few weeks! He’s started clapping and even recognises the word and responds by showing off his new party trick which I think is amazing. Babies’ brains are developing so quickly at this age and you can tell they really understand a lot of what you’re saying now which I love. There have been lots of developments with Cole over the last fortnight, he’s just cut both his front bottom teeth too bless him. I could definitely tell he was little bit troubled by them as he was sleeping really well and then suddenly starting waking again and wanting lots of cuddles. It must be painful for them. My sister Sally recommended Anbesol liquid which is brilliant! You can get it from the chemist and it’s the only thing I’ve found that actually numbs the gum to take the pain away. He’s started sleeping again now that they’re both through… until the next one cuts that is!

He’s also very close to crawling and getting frustrated that he hasn’t quite got the hang of it. He crawls backwards and pivots round in a circle but can’t quite work out the coordination to go forward. He’s done a couple of tentative moves forward but then just rocks back and forth on all fours getting very annoyed! I have to say with Bobby I was desperate for him to start crawling but I know how hard it is once they’re on the move as it’s my second so I don’t mind if Cole wants to take his time! It’s a whole different ball game once they’re crawling and you cannot take your eyes off them for a second! He’s still the smiliest baby ever.

As it’s the school holidays we’ve had our nephew Tristan, Justin’s sister’s son saying with us for the week. Tristan is ten and absolutely amazing with Bobby and Cole and they adore him. He’s such a lovely boy and a dream to look after so we’ve had a really fun week! We went to Chessington World of Adventure the other day which was fab! Bobby was so excited to go on the Gruffalo river ride and he loved it! He pretty much knows the Gruffalo story off by heart so he’s the perfect age for it. There were loads of other rides for his age too which was brilliant! I love rollercoasters so Justin and I took it in turns to go on the big rides with Tristan, I forgot how much fun they are! I wasn’t sure if I’d have lost my bottle but once I’d been on one I got a taste for it!

I can’t believe Sarah is in the Big Brother house! I’ve managed to watch a couple of episodes and it’s actually really bizarre seeing someone you know so well in there. I think she’s really brave to put herself out there like that as it’s a lot of pressure and such an intense environment to be in. Sarah can sometimes be easily overwhelmed so I really hope she’s ok in there and enjoys the experience. She’s been great on the bits I’ve seen so far. I also know Helen Lederer as we were in Horrid Henry the movie together and I’ve worked with her again since and she’s hilarious, a really lovely woman and has been in the business a long time so I’m sure she’ll look out for Sarah.


Kimberley takes son Bobby to Chessington World Of Adventures
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Kimberley takes son Bobby to Chessington World Of Adventures

Yesterday, a new ride opened up at Chessington and Kimberley took her son Bobby for an exciting day out.

The ride is called ‘Gruffalo River Ride Adventure’.

We have added new pictures of them both at the theme park, tap the thumbnails below to see them:

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First family holiday with Cole! – Kimberley’s Blog

So I just got back from my family hols and we had such a brilliant time! We went to Portugal to an area I’ve been to several times before. It was our first holiday with Cole so I wanted a bit of familiarity as it makes everything so much easier. We had a villa with our own little pool in a resort with another big pool and loads of things for the kids to do. Having our own pool at the villa meant we could make the most of the time to relax while the boys were napping which was great! Bobby has never been interested in the pool before and he’s still a little nervous but we made real progress by the end of the week and he started to really enjoy it and getting a little bit more confident. At the beginning of the week he would only sit on the first step and watch us all swimming but my the end he was jumping in and letting me catch him and loving it! He mostly enjoyed squirting me with his water pistol while I was sunbathing though unsurprisingly!

I was a bit nervous about how we’d cope on holiday with both of them as they’re still so young but we had Justin’s daughter Chloe with us too so it was fine. It’s still always challenging having to mess up their routine to go out for dinner though. I have to say most dinner times meant Justin and I playing jack in the box getting up and down with kids to keep them entertained. It’s tricky when they’re so young though as they get bored just sitting and having dinner.

Despite that we had such a fab time and the boys loved it too. Cole is doing really well with his food so it was nice that we could involve him in our dinner time a bit, he would sit and munch on his little baby crisps and Bobby loved ordering his own drink and food and feeling all grown up. He would usually be more interested in dessert than his meal though but I guess that’s true of most 2 year olds!
It’s always bittersweet coming home cos I never want holidays to end but I love my house and it’s so much easier when you have all your things around you especially for Cole. He definitely missed his Jumperoo and his baby walker. Bobby was so excited when we came back to our house too, it was very cute. He kept saying things like “Our sofas are back” and “my toys are back”.

I was more or less straight back to work to take part in the AOL Build Series London with Kate Thornton, Tamsin Outhwaite and Stacy Solomon. It was a filmed discussion on body image and body shaming and it went out live on AOL. It was lovely to be amongst so many confident and intelligent women and hear their thoughts on the issue. It’s more apparent than ever now with the addition of social media in our lives. It made me realise how lucky I was to go through my experience in Girls Aloud without the added pressure and influence of social media. Having your appearance judged in magazines was bad enough but to have hundreds of thousands of people able to comment on your appearance daily is far too much pressure for young people growing up in the public eye. In fact it’s not even about being in the public eye anymore. People have this to deal with in their daily lives now due to the impact of social media. Over the years I’ve always said that there is generally just too much obsession with people’s weight and appearance.

I’ve never understood why journalists search for negative images of people and plaster it all over a website or magazine? I just don’t get it and I never will. The way I’ve always looked at it is, if people find comfort in a bad image of me then I can take it on the chin and find a positive in the situation. It’s more damaging when it’s a young person who’s not even famous posts an image and receives negative comments about how they look. I honestly feel women should always empower other women and if you don’t have anything nice to say just stop typing!