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Social Sunday – Week Ending 09/07/17

In my attempt to be more active, i am starting a new feature here on Gallery Aloud called Social Sunday. Which basically means highlights from each of the girls social media posts!


Friday was date night for Cheryl, posting a snapchat-filtered selfie on Instagram with Liam

She then shared a gorgeous selfie with her new hair colour


Nic tried to make a pretty London Pride tweet but failed due to limits. The thought was there!


Kim had a busy week, but was disappointed on her train home.


The always flawless Nadine gave us all a heads-up if we see her anytime soon…!

Unfortunately, Sarah has been really quiet these past weeks on social media. We do hope shes ok!

If you like this feature, or have any ideas for a future post let us know over on Twitter @GalleryAloud

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Gallery updates this week

I feel as though i don’t use the blog as much as i should, so here’s to a new goal!

This weekend we had quite a few gallery updates than normal, so here is a rundown. Click the thumbnails to take you to the photo album with more pics!

Nicola was seen heading to Tramp nightclub as she attended her record label party

The next day she was at the Warner Music Group and British GQ Summer Party

Sarah was spotted out (it’s been a while!) shopping in North London on Wednesday

On Friday, we got more Nicola pictures as shes seen out and about in London

We also received pictures of Kimberley, who took her family to the CBeebies hotel opening at Alton Towers

Then on Saturday, Kimberley headed to Liverpool to attend the British Style Collective event

You can find regular updates on our twitter over on @GalleryAloud make sure you’re following!

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Dealing with the heatwave with Bobby and Cole

Well it’s been a scorching few weeks! I have to say I love the sun but I can’t take the heat! My boys have basically been naked 24 hours a day and there’s been a lot of paddling pool and hose pipe action! Bobby absolutely loves being outside watering the flowers and playing with the sprinkler. Cole hasn’t enjoyed it so much though. I think babies just get fed up and uncomfortable in the heat so I’ve been doing my best to keep him cool. My electric bill will have doubled this month from the multiple fans we’ve had to have on constantly but on the plus side my washing pile is non existent cos my boys don’t wanna wear clothes!

This hot weather has made me realise it’s time to bare my post baby body which is a moment I’ve been dreading to be honest! I think all women feel the pressure when summer comes round and we know we have to dare to bare but it’s far worse when you’re still carrying extra baby weight. I never let myself get too down about it cos I know I will get there eventually but I’m going on holiday in a few weeks and it’s still a bit daunting thinking of wearing a bikini! I have actually managed one work out since Cole was born but I’ve been so tired running round after the two of them and getting up in the night that I just haven’t been able to focus and make it part of my life again. The way I see it is we have enough pressure as women and mums that we certainly don’t need to add the pressures of working out and size to the equation before we feel ready. Right now I’m focusing on looking after my boys and juggling work commitments that are coming up. I’ll just have to suck it up this summer and accept I won’t be back in my normal summer wardrobe just yet!

I caught up with Denise a few days ago at an industry lunch at the Ivy Club in London. It was so lovely to see her as it’s been a while cos we’ve both been so busy. Denise and I got to know each other climbing Kilimanjaro and doing Strictly together and I absolutely love her. She’s always looking out for me when it comes to the industry cos she’s been in the business a long time and knows it inside out. I really appreciate her help and we’re always mentally planning some fun show we’ll do together one day, it’s just about getting the timing right.

I also caught up with another good friend from the business, Brian Dowling and his husband Arthur. I’ve known them for nearly 10 years as Arthur was a dancer for Girls Aloud for years. He’s now a choreographer and going to work in New York for a while so we wanted to have a little get together before he left. They’re such a lovely couple and both hilarious and good company so we had a fab night! My sister Sally came along too as she’s become good friends with them over the years. Sal also has a young baby, my nephew Teddy, who is only five months, so it was really nice for us both to let our hair down for a change. Of course we paid for it the next day but hey that’s the price you pay when you have young children. I wouldn’t change it for the world, they’re both at such cute stages at the moment I’m loving it.


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Cole is starting to eat solid food – Kimberley’s Blog

I’ve had a busy few weeks with promotion for The Lodge as the new season started on Friday. It’s been nice being back at work. I popped into This Morning for an interview which is always lovely and it was good to see Fearne Cotton and Emma Willis there on the show, it felt like working mothers special, we caught up about our little ones backstage. I tried the world’s strongest coffee which I was quite excited about cos since I’ve had children I feel like coffee is my best friend but I actually didn’t dare drink too much cos it came with serious health warnings! I’m pretty sure I’m nearly immune to caffeine by now but I wasn’t gonna risk it!

I also appeared on Sunday Brunch yesterday which is one of my favourite shows to do cos I’m such a foodie. I love getting involved with the cooking segments and trying all the different recipes. Most people just try out of politeness but I actually ask them to save me a bit of every recipe to try cos I don’t wanna miss out! I ended up chatting to John Barnes about babies and he said he got all his babies sleeping through the night cos he would always wake up first cos he’s such a light sleeper. Sunday Brunch is very different to other shows you do as it’s on for three hours and you sit at the table with everyone else throughout that time so you end up chatting to people about all sorts. I never thought I’d be getting tips from a football legend about getting my baby to sleep though!

Cole is 6 months now so I’ve started to wean him on to solid food. So far he seems to have taken to it really well! I started him on baby rice and he seems very excited when he sees food and is doing really well with keeping it down. He does mess around with it a bit before he actually swallows but that’s totally normal as it’s a whole new skill he’s never done before! Weaning can be hard work with all the blending and planning and mess but I love that they can start to experience and enjoy food. I remember this being a real turning point with Bobby where everything got a lot easier. His tummy was more settled, he slept better and I loved that I didn’t have to rely on feeding him milk to keep him happy all the time. It’s much easier when you can just give them a little snack or something when you’re out and about. I’ve also started to wean him off breastfeeding which I think is a natural progression when you introduce food. I’m not in any rush but I think 6 months is a good amount of time and I’ll just naturally start introducing more bottles here and there. I guess this means my baby is already growing up which is crazy, I really can’t believe how the time flies by!

Now Cole goes down at 7 I have my evenings back again and my guilty pleasure is Love Island On ITV 2, I love it. If you haven’t become hooked like me, the show is based on a group of girls and boys who are put in a villa together and in order to stay in the show they have to be coupled up. There is an odd number of girls or boys so whoever doesn’t get picked at the end of the week has to leave the villa. I think the nature of the show just means it creates lots of drama and is very entertaining! At the moment I think my favourite is Marcel who used to be in the Blazin Squad, he just seems like a genuinely decent guy. Blazin Squad were around at the beginning of our Girls Aloud days and I always remember thinking they were sweet cos they were so young. It’s crazy cos Marcel is actually the oldest person in the villa at 31 which makes me feel seriously old!


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Kimberley on This Morning 07/06/17

Kimberley appeared on This Morning to talk about her part in The Lodge.

She also talked about play dates with Cheryl’s baby Bear and her two boys.

I’ve added over 40 HQ candids of her outside the studios, click the link to take you to the gallery.

Candids > 2017 > [2017] Kimberley Walsh > June 7th – Outside the ITV studios

Kimberley in S Magazine
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Kimberley in S Magazine

Kimberley is in today’s Sunday Express S Magazine. With a new interview about her toddlers and her latest project with Disney Channel, we are also treated to a new photoshoot.

Digital scans and the shoot have been added to the gallery, see below and click the links:

Magazine Scans > 2017 > S Magazine – 4th June

Photo Shoots > 2017 > Kimberley Walsh > Anna Fowler – S Magazine