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Hello! New owner.

Hello Alouders! I am the new owner of My name is Lah and i also own a Spice Girls and David Beckham fansite:

I decided to adopt it when i talked to Hayley (from Girls Aloud Media) and she told me the forum was going offline for good soon, so i started savig the photo archive. I think i may have lost my mind because i already have a huge site to take care of and also my personal life but lets go! I started working on the archive and my focus will be the gallery. You can contact me via my twitter account @zigazighasite.

There are so much things to do on the site!


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Gallery Update: Chemistry Tour DVD Caps


Over the last couple of days, I added over 10,000 screen captures from the Chemistry tour to the gallery! Check out the previews below. Next up is caps for the Tangled Up Tour!

Also, the gallery is getting a new layout! It’s partially up right now but I still have some work to do on it so in a couple days it should be completed!

Tours > Chemistry: The Tour (2006) > DVD Screen Captures