Sarah Harding attends National Television Awards | Jan 23rd
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Sarah Harding attends National Television Awards | Jan 23rd

Last night, Sarah stepped out to the National Television Awards, in the hope Celebrity Big Brother would win a trophy.

She shared a photo of her outfit before heading onto the red carpet.

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Living With Lucy – Sarah Harding

On Tuesday, TV3 Ireland aired a programme called Living With Lucy. This week, Lucy spent 3 days at Sarah’s house, seeing what she gets up to in a typical few days.

An interesting behind the scenes view of TV filming and home life.

Thanks to Sarah Addicts for capturing the above video!

Sarah Harding appears on Celebrity Juice
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Sarah Harding appears on Celebrity Juice

Sarah appeared on Celebrity Juice on ITV2 last night.

You can watch the full episode (UK only) within 28days here:

Watch a clip above of Sarah blowing a sausage threw a snorkel

Pictures backstage and onstage are below on the links:

[2017] Sarah Harding > September 27th – Backstage at Celebrity Juice studios
[2017] Sarah Harding > September 28th – Celebrity Juice

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Sarah on The Ray D’Arcy Show 23/09/17

Sarah appeared on The Ray D’Arcy Show last night.

Sarah Harding chats about her recent stint in the Big Brother house as well as what it was like being part of one of the most successful girl groups and will reveal what the future holds for her and her partner Chad Johnston.

You can watch it again down below and view pictures of her leaving the studios.

Candids > 2017 > [2017] Sarah Harding > September 23rd – Leaving the Ray Darcy Show, Dublin

Sarah appears on Loose Women 05/09/17
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Sarah appears on Loose Women 05/09/17

Sarah appeared on Loose Women today, her first interview since winning Celebrity Big Brother.

On her relationship with US reality star Chad
‘[It’s going] OK, he’s gone back to LA now. I don’t know [when I’ll see him next]. I’ve got some work possibly lined up in LA in the next few weeks. I might be back over in a couple of weeks. Who knows?’
‘We’ve spent like a week together outside of the house, obviously we’ve got real lives to get on with. I’m still acclimatizing and getting used to real life again. I still can’t get my head around everything and what’s to come so we’re just going to play it one bit at a time. I want to be sensible about this.’
‘I wasn’t looking for anything when I was in there. I didn’t fancy any of the lads when I got in there at all. I didn’t look at any of them like that. But with me and Chad I think we only had each other to lean on and from becoming really good friends it just grew into feelings when we both got nominated and we both got saved. I think that’s when it sort of fell into more feelings.’

On Nadine Coyle being supportive
‘I think we’re meeting up afterwards. I do [keep in touch with Girls Aloud], mainly Nadine actually when she’s over here. But a lot of them are busy with their families and getting married and all that palaver so it’s quite hard when we’re all busy. We cross paths obviously at places like this but that’s… we’re busy.’

On drinking in the CBB house
‘They [Big Brother] made it out to be a lot worse than it was. They don’t let you drink much in the evenings whatsoever. The kids, as I call them, were running into the closest and stashing all the cans in their bedroom. So they sort of take things on their own part. They caught me getting a bottle of red for Derek [Acorah] one night because he didn’t have a single drink so they made out I was stealing, so they completely twisted it around on me.’

On winning CBB
‘I think going out was the scariest part because you didn’t know what you’re going out to. Being nominated almost every week as well because, at the end of the day, it was safety in numbers and I guess they [the other housemates] were all voting against me because they thought I had the biggest fan base basically. I don’t know how [I won].’

On having any regrets
‘Yes, definitely. I just think from now on I’ve just got to expect the unexpected and just go with the flow and that’s kind of what I did with this and I won £50,000 for my charity at the end of the day.’


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