My secret project revealed! – Kimberley’s Blog
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My secret project revealed! – Kimberley’s Blog

I’ve been mentioning trips to Belfast for a while and I can finally reveal the project I’ve been so secretive is about is my role in The Disney Channel’s drama ‘The Lodge.’ I play the role Rebecca in season 2. Rebecca is a music producer who stirs up a bit of drama between two of the girls in the show. It’s been really fun acting again and it was such a lovely show to work on. It was fun becoming a character who is nothing like me, she’s ruthless and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. I have done some acting in the past before I got in the band so it was nice to revisit it. My sisters, who both are both experienced actors were giving me lots of tips before hand. All of the young actors in the show are so talented, it was lovely to see. I’m sure a lot of them will go on to have their own careers as they get older. As music is a big part of the show they include performances as music videos. Some of the choreographers and directors involved are people that I know as they have worked with Girls Aloud in the past. Max and Dania directed our Long Hot Summer video. The choreographer Royston danced with us in the early days . It was lovely having so many familiar faces. The show will start in June.

A few weeks ago I did my first shoot since having Cole for the cover of Fabulous magazine. I always love shooting with them as they have a fantastic team and always do fun shoots but I was slightly apprehensive about the shoot this time. I was a little worried about what I would wear for the shoot as I’m still not back to my normal weight so it’s tricky to find things I feel comfortable in at the moment. I was going to put it off for a bit as didn’t feel ready but when I saw the styling ideas before the shoot I became more relaxed.

It was a grungey/sixties vibe with which is an unusual style for me but I wanted to do something different as I’ve done so many shoots. The styling made me feel very comfortable as we made it work with loads of layering and statement pieces that were strong looks but not exposing which was great. We shot in a studio in Dalston which I’ve worked in loads of times over the years with the girls. We did calendar shoots and tour programmes there. At this stage there’s very few studios I haven’t shot in before to be honest! It was a really fun shoot and I was so happy when I saw the results at the end of the shoot.

I’ve been loving the sunshine we’ve had this past week! It’s so lovely not having to wrap up and the boys love being outside so when the sun’s out they’re happy! We had a lovely BBQ at my older sister Sally’s over the bank holiday and Bobby and his cousins spend the whole afternoon throwing water bombs I’ve never seen them so excited! It was chaos but it’s so lovely seeing them having so much fun.


Nadine set to release a second album
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Nadine set to release a second album

The Sun hit us with the news today that Nadine will release a second album, yay!

We have already seen a few articles stating this, but with this national newspaper now reporting about it, we can get even more excited about it.

Sources have suggested the record could feature a Girls Aloud reunion track after Nadine began working with Brian Higgins—the mastermind producer behind the band—on new material.

A source told The Sun’s Bizarre column: “Nadine has spent the last few years soul-searching and finally feels ready to have another crack at her solo career. She has been working with Brian and can’t wait to show people her material. There has even been talk of a Girls Aloud track on the album.”

Watch this space for more news, hopefully we get to hear a track soon!


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Kimberley Walsh – Mark Hayman Photoshoot 2017

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I have added 4 HQ pictures from Kimberley’s Fabulous magazine shoot to the gallery. How gorgeous!

Shes posted a little behind the scenes video of the shoot on her instagram, which is interesting due to the location of the studio! You may recognise a Girls Aloud calendar shoot prop she shows us.

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Kimberley to star in The Lodge as a music manager!

HQx1 – Television > The Lodge (2017) > Stills

KIMBERLEY WALSH spent the best part of a decade in one of the ­biggest girl groups.

But the GIRLS ALOUD singer’s next project may be uncomfortable viewing for a few people she worked with back in the day – most notably the group’s first ­manager LOUIS WALSH.

I can reveal she has signed up to play a music manager called Rebecca in the second series of The Lodge, which starts on Disney Channel and DisneyLife on June 9.

And without naming any names, she said she has based Rebecca on some of the less savoury characters she’s met during her career.

She said: “I guess I share some similarities with Rebecca . . . because obviously I grew up in the music business and she’s a music manager.

“But I will draw on some other ­managers I’ve met along to way to find some personality traits for Rebecca because she has got a bit of an edge, and I don’t think I’d ever be quite that mean.”

Kimberley has never been Louis’ biggest fan, previously branding him “attention seeking”.

It may be a kids’ show, but this could make for very interesting viewing.


Kimberley Walsh on reunion rumours, her post-baby body and why she’s keeping mum on BFF Cheryl
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Kimberley Walsh on reunion rumours, her post-baby body and why she’s keeping mum on BFF Cheryl

KIMBERLEY Walsh has been catapulted back to her Girls Aloud heyday – it’s halfway through our shoot before the singer realises she’s been to this east London studio many times before with her band mates.

Suddenly she’s transported back to an era of fake lashes, coordinating minidresses and shed loads of hairspray.

“We shot so much stuff here over the years, like tour programmes and calendars,” she says looking around smiling.

“So it holds a lot of good memories.

“When you’ve been in the business this long, there’s never a place you can go to where you haven’t shot before. You think: ‘Does this show my age? Have I been doing this too long?’”

For the record, with her youthful appearance Kimberley, 35, does not look like someone who has spent the past 15 years in the limelight, after
bursting on to the scene on ITV talent show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002.

Nor is her down-to-earth persona typical of someone who was one fifth of the UK’s biggest- selling girl group of the 21st century, with over 4.3 million singles (four of which went to No.1) and 4 million albums sold.

But despite whispers of a reunion resurfacing every few months, it’s unlikely that Kimberley will be back here posing alongside Cheryl, 33, Nicola Roberts, 31, Sarah Harding, 35, and Nadine Coyle, 31.

“I’ve read about us reuniting and thought: ‘Well, nobody’s spoken to me.’ I’ve not heard anything from any of the girls and I speak to most of them regularly, so it’s not on the cards anytime soon I’m afraid.

“It’s funny, though, because I keep reading that and thinking: ‘Oh really? Maybe they’ve decided not to call me on this occasion!’

“But I’m sure I would be the first to know if it was happening. I think everyone is really busy doing what they’re doing. Right now, it feels like we’ve moved on and are doing different things.”

So with the upcoming 15th anniversary of the release of their No.1 debut single Sound of The Underground in December, would they rule out
ever getting back together?

“You can never say never in life, can you? I guess it’s just not where my head is at the moment, but stranger things have happened.”

Continue reading Kimberley Walsh on reunion rumours, her post-baby body and why she’s keeping mum on BFF Cheryl

Nicola attends the Ivor Novello Awards 2017
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Nicola attends the Ivor Novello Awards 2017

On Thursday, Nicola attended the Ivor Novello Awards 2017, with her Publishing group Imagem Music.

She wore a gorgeous silver jumpsuit by Galvan London and her hair down, naturally flawless looking!

We have added 27 HQ pictures in the gallery, click the thumbs to see the gallery.