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Bobby’s first trip on the tube!

I took Bobby on the tube for the first time last week to visit my brother, Adam’s office in Old Street. I had a design meeting about my new children’s clothing range, Kimba Kids so I thought I’d take him along! I decided to take the tube rather than drive as I thought it would be an adventure for him. He was so excited to go on the tube, it was the first thing he said the minute he woke up bless him. He was such a good boy and he loved being in the hustle and bustle of London. He’s such an open, friendly little boy so he was saying hello to everyone and trying to make conversation. Unfortunately people on tube in London aren’t really up for conversations with a two year old but it didn’t stop him trying. He wanted to know where they were all going and what they were called, it was funny to watch. He loved the journey and was counting down the stops with me.

As fun as the journey was, I have to say they don’t make it easy for mums travelling with young children. I didn’t take the pushchair for him cos I knew there were so many stairs it would have been a nightmare. It resulted in me carrying him up most of the stairs though cos everyone is in such a rush! When we arrived at Old Street there was a homeless man sitting on the floor near the exit. Bobby of course wanted to stop and talk to him. As we left he called to him “I miss you” and the man gave him the biggest grin, it was very cute. He kept asking me all day why the man was sitting on the floor, “it’s very dirty mummy”. It’s so hard to explain homelessness to a two year old and he still asks me about him now a week later. We eventually arrived at uncle Adam’s office and Bobby loved meeting on the Kimba Kids team. The design meeting went really well and we have some huge companies that wants to take our collection which is very exciting. I’ve been working on this collection with my brother and his company for over a year and a half so it’s lovely to see it all coming together.

I had fun judging HELLO!’s Star Mum of the Year competition last week with a group of other celebrity mums. In my opinion all mums are pretty special but there really were some heart wrenching and inspiring stories. I left Cole with Justin for the day as I went to the opening night of “Stepping Out” at the Vaudeval theatre after I finished the shoot. It’s the longest time I’ve spent away from Cole and it did feel very strange. I took my mum to the show and it was lovely to have a night at the theatre but I was desperate to get home and see Cole by the time it finished so I didn’t make it to the after party. The show was great, I absolutely love the film it’s such a brilliant script and Amanda Holden’s character Vera is just hilarious! Growing up me and my siblings watched the film a lot and were constantly quoting Vera’s one liners! Amanda was so funny and the whole cast were fab.

Cole had been a good boy for his Daddy and when I got home he was wide awake, chilling, watching television with him which made me laugh. I think he was waiting for me to put him to bed which I was more than happy about, so were my boobs as I’m still breastfeeding and as all you mums know the pain is pretty horrendous if you miss a few feeds. It was a fun day but I was glad to get back to Cole I missed him lots.

Now that I’m starting to ease myself back into work slowly it made me think about getting fit again. It’s not something I’ve really thought about until now as he’s only 3 months old but it’s not easy doing photo shoots or filming when you’re not feeling or looking like yourself. I think I’m quite realistic about accepting that I’m obviously not gonna look my old self when I’ve just had a baby but it’s much harder to find things to wear and things you feel comfortable in. I don’t mind looking like I’ve just had a baby because I have, I just feel like I need to put a disclaimer on the pictures like “By the way I’ve just had a baby”!

To be honest I think it’s healthy to be seen in the public eye while losing baby weight as it’s a struggle we all share. It’s part of having a baby for the majority of mums out there. Having said all that even if I wanted to work out again I don’t have the time or energy right now but things change week by week so I’m sure I’ll get there eventually! In the mean time black is the way to go, it hides a multitude of sins!


Sarah attends the TRIC Awards 14/03/17
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Sarah attends the TRIC Awards 14/03/17

We were so busy updating the layouts, we nearly missed our beautiful blonde at the TRIC awards last week. Here she is rocking a LBD and nude heels, with her hair looking similar to the Something New video!

Click on the thumbs to take you to the set on the gallery.

Appearances > 2017 > [2017] Sarah Harding > The TRIC Awards, Grosvenor House

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Refresh for a brand new look – V3!

We realised that we had taken over this website over a year ago now so what better way to celebrate than to bring in a fresh new look.

We have gone for the TEN Tour/Pandora shoot with a purple and white theme. The gallery has the same look also.

A big thanks to MonicaNDesign for her lovely theme base. We hope you love it as much as we do!

[VIDEO] Kimberley gets Girls Aloud back together… sort of
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[VIDEO] Kimberley gets Girls Aloud back together… sort of

Kimberley Walsh puts together a new supergroup to stand in for Girl’s Aloud.

Blue’s Duncan James (Nadine), S Club 7’s Jon Lee (Nicola), 5ive’s Ritchie Neville (Kimberley), Phats & Small’s Ben Ofoedu (Sarah) and Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates (Cheryl) are donning wigs and heels to become Girls Aloud and perform Biology.

Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief airs Saturday 11 March at 6.45pm on BBC1


To see the finished product, watch Boys Allowed here:

Gareth Gates looks so good as Cheryl, with his dimples!!

Cheryl adds new lines to her Eylure collection
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Cheryl adds new lines to her Eylure collection

Cheryl is well known for her incredible looks and beautiful long lashes, and the L’Oreal Paris ambassador has now launched a brand new collection of false eyelashes via beauty brand Eylure. So fans can now enjoy luscious long lashes just like their idol.

She confirmed the exciting news with an Instagram post.

The gorgeous new range features a selection of lashes including ‘Belle of the Ball’, ‘Sexy Senorita’, ‘Oh My Goodness’, ‘First Date’ and ‘Girls Night’.

Cheryl’s latest Eylure false eyelashes range is available nationwide from today!

You can see the photoshoot for the lashes in the gallery below: