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My Belfast adventure with Cole

Sorry for the delay with this week’s blog. I came down with an awful virus that totally wiped me out over the last few days. It started when I got back on Friday from a week working away and I’m only just starting to feel human again! Thankfully Justin was around but it’s so awful being ill when you have kids and they want to see you. I’d been so looking forward to spending time with Bobby as I’d been away and couldn’t believe I was sick. I also missed my brother, Adam’s girlfriend’s 30th birthday party which was rubbish as I had been looking forward to it. I don’t get ill that often but when I do I certainly appreciate my health!

So last week I was away in Belfast filming a new acting project that I’m involved in. All will be revealed soon, I promise! I’ve really loved acting again after such a long break and it’s been fun getting back to work for a few days as it my first proper job since Cole was born. I have to say learning lines and having a baby brain is not a great combination though, I usually find it so easy but I had to really focus this time. I took Cole with me and my mum came along to look after him. He loved the time with his Nanny and she did too. She’s so amazing with babies and they had lots of little adventures in Belfast, shopping and sight seeing while I was working. He was an absolute star when we were travelling again too, he really is such a happy boy, he doesn’t stop smiling. It was lovely to get home and see Bob’s and Justin as I was away for four days and that’s the longest time I ever spent away from Bobby. He was absolutely fine and loved being with his Dad doing boys’ stuff. I found face timing lots really helped when I was away as you feel like you’re not missing out and you get to see how well he’s doing. I don’t know what parents did before face time.

Bobby is really growing up fast. He’s such a character too and doesn’t miss a thing. He’s just starting to notice that I’m on TV sometimes and the other day I came on CBeebies telling a bedtime story and I could see he was a little confused. Later than day he sat on a chair and starting doing an impression of me saying “Hi my name’s Kimberley this is a story about….” it cracked me up. He’s only two and he’s already taking the mick out of his mum! He’s also a typical boy and loves nothing more than finding sticks and anything he can use as a pretend weapon at the moment. This means regular visits to the woods in search of his new favourite stick and means I’m constantly finding random sticks around my house!

I finally watched the final episode of The Line Of Duty, I’ve not had a chance to watch it as it went out on TV but I made the time for it as Thandie Newton was so incredible in it. She was the star of the show for me. Watching the series has got me back into my box sets.

There’s nothing I love more than being really into something so I have something to watch every night. I loved Shooter with Ryan Phillippe and now I’m into Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland. It’s actually nice to have an evening again with Justin as I feel like it’s only the past few weeks that Cole has started going down really well at seven pm and I haven’t had to run up and down the stairs all night. I don’t mind though cos in my head they’re all phases but it’s good to be through that stage now and have a bit of time to chill in the evening.


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Seeing my old Strictly partner Pasha Kovalev

I attended the Good Morning Britain Health Star awards last week at the Rosewood hotel in London to present an award. It was a celebration of the the incredible health stars that work in our NHS who received awards for going that extra mile. I presented an award to Rosie who was being recognised for her support towards patients with respiratory problems in their final hours. It was such a fantastic thing to be a part of and it really made me realise how lucky I am to have not experienced any serious health problems in my life so far and how lucky we are to have people like this to look after us when we do. It was so lovely to see some of these people being recognised.

A few days ago I went to the theatre to see my old Strictly Come Dancing partner Pasha Kovalev perform on his tour “Dance The Night Away”. It was great to catch up and always amazing to see him dancing again. It really makes me realise how much I miss dancing, I really loved my time on Strictly. The show is about the journey he and his dance partner Anya Garnis have been on and their dancing life together. They started dancing together as children in Russia then moved to America and then Strictly brought them both to England. It’s amazing to think they’ve been dancing together for all these years and it really shows. It was a really fun show and it was a treat to see them dancing together again.

I’ve been trying the new Kit & Kin baby products Emma Bunton has launched on my boys and I’m loving them! All the products are made from natural ingredients, are eco-friendly and smell gorgeous! I’m generally not too precious about the products I use on myself but I’m always very careful about what I use on my children so these are a great find. They’re really affordable too so I’d definitely recommend them!


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Kimberley will attend the British Style Collective this Summer

This summer British Style Collective in association with Alcatel will take over Liverpool in an immersive, interactive, three-day festival sweeping iconic landmarks across the city. The event celebrates the world of fashion, beauty, music, wellbeing, fitness, health, and education with a jam-packed programme.

The British Style Collective, was previously held at Birmingham’s NEC for more than 30 years when it ran under the name The Clothes Show.

It has now undergone a huge re-brand and changed its location to Liverpool.

The event will be taking place on July 7-9 and will feature catwalk shows inside Liverpool’s ECHO Arena, exclusive Q&As and sofa sessions with industry experts and fashion designers inside St George’s Hall.

Camp and Furnace and Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral will also place host to the fashion event.

Tickets for The British Style Collective are currently on sale now and start from £20. For more information or to buy tickets you can visit the website [HERE]


Kimberley Walsh will attend Day 2, Saturday 8th July.

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Easter fun times with Bobby and Cole

Cole is doing great, he’s so much more responsive and engaged now which makes life a lot easier. He likes attention so as long as someone’s talking to him he’s happy! He’s incredibly smiley and giggles a lot now, I love it. On the down side the four month sleep regression is in full swing so we’re not getting as much sleep these days. I figure it will pass and as much as sleep deprivation is tough I keep reminding myself how quickly this stage passes and I just wanna enjoy him while he’s still so tiny, so I don’t mind the night time cuddles just wish they were a bit less frequent!

Easter has been fun this year and Bobby has definitely enjoyed receiving far too many chocolate eggs! I had to make my first Easter bonnet for Bobby to take in to nursery which was fun. I had no idea what an Easter bonnet was supposed to look like so we just stuck as many Easter related things on there we could find! We put some flowers, feathers and little chickens on there. Bobs enjoyed sticking things on there which was fun. He’s also just getting into playing dress up which is a new thing for him. He’s got a superhero outfit with his name on which he loves along with his Gruffalo outfit. He’s going through a real phase of watching fairy stories and loving playing the Big Bad Wolf in The Three Little Pigs so I definitely need to find a Wolf outfit next. I seem to spend most of my time these days playing the parts of the little pigs!

We had a family roast on Easter Sunday with my mum and my sisters and my nephews. I hosted for a change as it’s usually my older sister Sally that hosts our family gatherings cos her and her husband Joe love cooking. There were six adults including my mum and little sister Amy and myself and Sally’s five boys. We had a leg of slow cooked lamb with roasties, veg and cauliflower cheese, it was so good! I did a jam roly poly for pudding which is always one of my faves! I used the Hairy Bikers recipe because I think they do puddings really well and always keep things really simple which is what you need when you’re cooking with babies and toddlers around. It’s actually the first proper roast I’ve made since Cole was born and he is now 4 months old! It has just felt overwhelming up to now but I guess things are getting easier because I managed it and it was really nice to have everyone over for Easter.

We did an Easter egg hunt for Bobby and his cousins, they loved it! I don’t think Bobby could believe that there was an actual day dedicated to eating chocolate so he was in his absolute element! My mum made Easter crowns with them too and they played a “pin the tale on the bunny” game. I think when I was young I was just happy to get an Easter egg in the morning, we never did anything like that but I have to say it was so lovely to watch them all playing and having such a good time.


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Taking Cole on his first flight – Kimberley’s Blog

I took Cole on his first flight last week. I was working on a new project that I’ll be announcing in May and had to travel to Belfast for a few days. I took my mum along with me to look after Cole and Bobby stayed at home with Justin. I was only away for two nights but I was actually anxious about leaving Bobby because I’ve actually never left him for that long before. I got very emotional as I left and Bobby was absolutely fine, bless him. He just said “Don’t cry mummy, be back soon” and that was that. Of course I was glad he wasn’t bothered about me going, he had a lovely time with his Dad while we were away.

It’s always daunting flying with a baby but it’s another thing that bothered me a lot less as he’s my second and I know what to expect. Cole was such a little star we didn’t hear a peep out of him the whole way there and back. He slept and fed on both flights and slept through most of the car journeys too so I’m glad I didn’t worry. Having said that, he’s full of cold at the moment and coughing so there wasn’t much sleep going on in the night. That was hard as I was then having to work during the day. Not a lot you can do though so I just put some eye masks on and survived on large amounts of coffee and sugar!

On my trip to Belfast I used a new car seat/pushchair called a Doona which was an absolutel game changer for travelling with a baby. It’s an all-in-one car seat that can change into a pushchair. It’s amazing because you always worry about being able to get decent car seats when you’re travelling in taxis and this takes that worry out of the equation. It also means getting the baby in and out of a pushchair and car seat so many times as they can stay in it when you collapse it into a car seat. You can also take it right up to the gate of the aeroplane as it’s in one piece which is great! Definitely worth investing in if you go on holiday lots or to make the school run a lot easier in the mornings!

My little sister Amy turned 30 last week. This was a big milestone in our family as she’s the last of four siblings. We arranged a surprise family birthday party for her on the Sunday before her birthday and she was totally shocked! We had the party at my older sister Sally’s and fooled her into thinking she was just calling in to see my mum for Mother’s Day. She burst in to tears the minute we all jumped out to surprise her, she had absolutely no idea. She was so happy as she works up north now in Emmerdale so she wouldn’t have got to see her nephews for a few weeks if we hadn’t planned the surprise and hates not seeing them. She loved all her presents and I made her a chocolate overload birthday cake which she loved too. I love it when a surprise party goes to plan!

Mother’s Day, my first as a mother to two, took a back seat this year but I still got a lovely breakfast in bed and sleep in from my boys and some gorgeous flowers. It was lovely to spend it with all my family too, 3 of us are mothers now, so it worked out perfectly.


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Bobby’s first trip on the tube!

I took Bobby on the tube for the first time last week to visit my brother, Adam’s office in Old Street. I had a design meeting about my new children’s clothing range, Kimba Kids so I thought I’d take him along! I decided to take the tube rather than drive as I thought it would be an adventure for him. He was so excited to go on the tube, it was the first thing he said the minute he woke up bless him. He was such a good boy and he loved being in the hustle and bustle of London. He’s such an open, friendly little boy so he was saying hello to everyone and trying to make conversation. Unfortunately people on tube in London aren’t really up for conversations with a two year old but it didn’t stop him trying. He wanted to know where they were all going and what they were called, it was funny to watch. He loved the journey and was counting down the stops with me.

As fun as the journey was, I have to say they don’t make it easy for mums travelling with young children. I didn’t take the pushchair for him cos I knew there were so many stairs it would have been a nightmare. It resulted in me carrying him up most of the stairs though cos everyone is in such a rush! When we arrived at Old Street there was a homeless man sitting on the floor near the exit. Bobby of course wanted to stop and talk to him. As we left he called to him “I miss you” and the man gave him the biggest grin, it was very cute. He kept asking me all day why the man was sitting on the floor, “it’s very dirty mummy”. It’s so hard to explain homelessness to a two year old and he still asks me about him now a week later. We eventually arrived at uncle Adam’s office and Bobby loved meeting on the Kimba Kids team. The design meeting went really well and we have some huge companies that wants to take our collection which is very exciting. I’ve been working on this collection with my brother and his company for over a year and a half so it’s lovely to see it all coming together.

I had fun judging HELLO!’s Star Mum of the Year competition last week with a group of other celebrity mums. In my opinion all mums are pretty special but there really were some heart wrenching and inspiring stories. I left Cole with Justin for the day as I went to the opening night of “Stepping Out” at the Vaudeval theatre after I finished the shoot. It’s the longest time I’ve spent away from Cole and it did feel very strange. I took my mum to the show and it was lovely to have a night at the theatre but I was desperate to get home and see Cole by the time it finished so I didn’t make it to the after party. The show was great, I absolutely love the film it’s such a brilliant script and Amanda Holden’s character Vera is just hilarious! Growing up me and my siblings watched the film a lot and were constantly quoting Vera’s one liners! Amanda was so funny and the whole cast were fab.

Cole had been a good boy for his Daddy and when I got home he was wide awake, chilling, watching television with him which made me laugh. I think he was waiting for me to put him to bed which I was more than happy about, so were my boobs as I’m still breastfeeding and as all you mums know the pain is pretty horrendous if you miss a few feeds. It was a fun day but I was glad to get back to Cole I missed him lots.

Now that I’m starting to ease myself back into work slowly it made me think about getting fit again. It’s not something I’ve really thought about until now as he’s only 3 months old but it’s not easy doing photo shoots or filming when you’re not feeling or looking like yourself. I think I’m quite realistic about accepting that I’m obviously not gonna look my old self when I’ve just had a baby but it’s much harder to find things to wear and things you feel comfortable in. I don’t mind looking like I’ve just had a baby because I have, I just feel like I need to put a disclaimer on the pictures like “By the way I’ve just had a baby”!

To be honest I think it’s healthy to be seen in the public eye while losing baby weight as it’s a struggle we all share. It’s part of having a baby for the majority of mums out there. Having said all that even if I wanted to work out again I don’t have the time or energy right now but things change week by week so I’m sure I’ll get there eventually! In the mean time black is the way to go, it hides a multitude of sins!